Ordering Information

1. How to Order

  1. Click the “Buy CD” Button on the “Charity Live CD” page
  2. Enter your data such as name, address etc. in the order form and send it to us.*
    * Please make sure all the entered data are correct and keep the submitted form until delivery.
  3. We will confirm receipt of your order via e-mail.
  4. Please transfer the invoice amount to the given account.
  5. We will ship the ordered CD directly after the receipt of payment.

2. Payment Methods

  1. For information about payment methods other than bank transfer please contact us via e-mail.

3. Shipment Costs

  1. Your order will be delivered by registered mail.
  2. Shipment costs depend on delivery address and weight of freight. Please see the table below for details about the calculation of shipment costs (one set of CDs weights about 180g)

    Delivery Address
    Within Germany
    Within the EU
    Outside of the EU
    Weight under 500g
    Weight from 500g to 1000g

4. Value Added Tax (VAT)

  1. The amount stated on your invoice includes the legal VAT.
  2. The VAT rate depends on the Customer. For further details please see the table below.

    Within Germany
    Within the EU
    Outside of the EU
    Private Customer
    Corporate Customer

5. Right to Return the Products

  1. You have full right to return the products within 4 weeks of receipt. Please contact us in written form (that includes e-mails). If the value of your purchase exceeds 40€ we will refund the shipping cost. The right to return the products described above shall not apply to contracts for audio/software products (CD, DVD etc.) if the seals of the supplied data media have been broken. The seal shall also be deemed broken if the cellophane wrapper has been opened.

All information on this website is provided in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions.

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